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Our mission at Activ8 IP is to help clients better align IP and business strategy to obtain higher quality assets that facilitate project goals.

Our seasoned team of IP advisors provide complete IP support leveraging our proprietary tools and processes to help you Activ8 your IP portfolio?

Strategic Alignment Index™ for Patents

If procuring and managing high quality IP patent assets is on your to-do list, this is the answer for you. Our IP advisors will provide an objective personalized, science-based index using Activ8’s Strategic Alignment ToolTM (patent pending).

Strategic IP Forecasting and Budgeting™ tool

Are you looking for ACCURATE forecasting costs that reflect the type of filing, when the costs would actually hit, and the number of office actions should you expect? Because every case is different and you deserve a tool that is flexible enough to accommodate those differences.

Strategic Alignment Index™ for Trademarks

Are you wondering where you should file your trademarks? Having trouble turning your business goals into an effective trademark management plan? Using our proprietary, science-based tools, our IP advisors will provide an objective customized trademark index so you can put together an efficient game plan.

Strategic Filing Route™ mapping

Are you using the same filing strategy for every case? Do you want the lowest cost route? Do you want to delay decisions? Have you considered where your inventors are located? Our Strategic Filing Route™ mapping tool is designed to align your filing strategy with your business goals and give you the confidence.

M&A Support for IP Due Diligence

The importance of IP due diligence in M&A transactions is growing. Using our proprietary tools, our IP Advisors will provide objective, science-based information about the value of a company’s IP assets which will assist you in pricing conversations, what assets to keep, and what assets to license or sell.

Global Prosecution Improvement

Having trouble managing global counsel or keeping up with the changing IP systems in countries around the world? Our IP advisors will work with your team to establish protocols and create effective global counsel control and consolidation.

IP Process Improvement

Our IP Advisors work with you to quickly identify the excess steps and unnecessary workarounds that prevent effective IP management. Then, working together, we reengineer core IP processes so that your teams (internal and external) can do their jobs faster, smarter and more easily. The end result? Better quality assets and effective IP management.

IP Portfolio Discernment

Do my IP assets reflect my current business strategy? Should I pay those maintenance fees? Using our proprietary tools, our IP advisors work with you to tag your assets using your business strategy and provide an objective index score to use when reviewing and culling your portfolio.

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