About Us

Who we are

We are a team of IP lawyers, strategists, and consultants who together have many years of combined experience across every area of IP management. We come from law firms, corporations, and IP services industries.

We combine cutting edge tools and technology, optionally with expert consulting services through our Activ8 IP Certified Advisors TM. https://activ8ip.com/advisory.

  • Expert advisors
  • Advisors with IP process improvement experience
  • Certified in Good IP Practices™ Methodology
  • Global footprint
  • IP business process expertise
  • Lean Six Sigma training

The result is unique in the marketplace: highly efficient solutions that help corporate legal land innovation departments” like yours build effective, high-quality IP portfolios with efficient IP budget spend.

Activ8 believes that quality assets and efficient IP spend result form the strategic procurement and maintenance of IP assets. Strategic procurement results when business and IP strategies are aligned – continually and objectively. Activ8 brings you the tools and services that enable you to have this alignment through objective, personalized, science-based evidence using Activ8’s patent pending Strategic Alignment ToolsTM. Both our tools and services are incredibly simple to use, designed to give you powerful, provable ROI for your IP

What we do — Help you thrive in a difficult environment

IP and innovation professionals are in the midst of a perfect storm in which managing IP portfolios is more complex than ever. You have increasing pressure to make sure your company has “quality assets” and to not have IP be just another cost center for the company. Your company faces increasingly global competitive threats, yet your budget continues to tighten.

A recent survey from a leading IP provider underscores the challenges. The top two objectives of IP professionals in corporations: aligning IP strategies to business objective, and reducing operating costs. This is precisely where Activ8 IP can help. Click here to make your job easier.

Cost effective, easy to use

Instead of hiring expensive personnel, or trying to do more with less, Activ8 IP has a better way, offering you a broad set of software, solutions, and services that leverage human expertise to give you extremely cost-effective answers in an extremely easy-to-use format to improve your IP global filing strategies, competitive positioning, prosecution spend management, counsel management, and portfolio discernment.


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