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Our mission at Activ8 IP is to help clients better align IP and business strategy to obtain higher quality assets that facilitate project goals.

Our seasoned team of IP advisors provide complete IP support leveraging our proprietary tools and processes to help you Activ8 your IP portfolio?

Who we are


We have developed packaged tools and services developed by patent lawyers, agents, PhD scientists and management consultants. We have built our packaged services from the ground up using Good IP Practices TM .

Proprietary Tools

We have combined our IP Advisors with lean six sigma training and empowered them with our proprietary Strategic Alignment suite of tools – a transformative solution designed to create real impact in IP asset management.

IP Advisors

The core of what we do starts with expert IP advisers who have worked in corporations and law firms across many major jurisdictions and are experienced in all phases of IP strategy and management. Based on their experience, in combination with Activ8’s proprietary tools and methods, our Activ8 Certified IP Advisors TM provide meaningful independent analysis – without driving follow-on legal work. Add an Activ8 Advisor to your team.

How we help

IP Leaders

  • IP Process improvement
  • Global filing strategies
  • Extensive Competitor Analysis


General Counsel

  • Objective data to 0ensure alignment with the business objective
  • Budget  management and culling strategies


R&D Leaders

  • Objective data to inform IP decisions during the innovation and stage-gate process 

Our Testimonials

“This is an amazing tool. I could replace a large portion of team and save those costs just by using this tool.”

Jim T

Chief IP Counsel

“Brilliant. Our patent spend is more aligned with our business and my business people appreciate the easy to understand strategic index” Glenn

Managing IP counsel

“Brilliant and pragmatic. Such a helpful tool to get everyone on the same page regarding patent budgets.”


Managing IP counsel

Insights Section

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